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an old a[u]nt

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devemos ter a noção — base referencial — de que estas novas* gerações [já nascidas na web 2.0] são de uma ética e morais

Post-Blade Runner:

nascidos Pós-1984

the new generation since 1984

…My schedule for today lists a six-hour self-accusatory depression. What? Why did u schedule that? It defeated the whole purpose of the mood organ. At that moment when I had the TV sound off, I was in a 382 mood; I had just dialed it. So although I heard the emptiness intellectually, I didn’t feel it. My first reaction consisted of being grateful that we could afford a Penfield mood organ. But then I realized how unhealthy it was, sensing the absence of life, not just in this building but everywhere, and not reacting — do you see? I guess u dont. But that used to be considered a sign of mental illness; they called it ‘absence of appropriate affect’. So I left the TV sound off and I sat down at my mood organ and I experimented. And I finally found a setting for despair. — Her dark, pert face showed satisfaction, as if she had achieved something of worth. — So I put it on my schedule for twice a month; I think that’s a reasonable amount of time to feel hopeless about everything, about staying here on Earth after everybody who’s smart has emigrated, dont u think? But mood like that u r apt to stay in it, not dial your way out. Despair like that, about total reality, is self-perpetuating. I program an automatic resetting for 3hs later. A 481. Awareness of the manifold possibilities open to me in the future; new hope... Listen, even with an automatic cutoff it’s dangerous to undergo a depression, any kind. Forget what u’ve scheduled and I’ll forget what I’ve scheduled; we’ll dial a 104 together and both experience it, and then u stay in it while I reset mine for my usual businesslike attitude. Dial 888: the desire to watch TV, no matter what’s on it. …dial 3. I can’t dial a setting that stimulates my cerebral cortex into wanting to dial! If I don’t want to dial, I don’t want to dial that most of all, because then I will want to dial, and wanting to dial is right now the most alien drive I can imagine; I just want to sit here on the bed and stare at the floor. Okay, I give up; I’ll dial. Anything u want me to be; ecstatic sexual bliss — I feel so bad I’ll even endure that. What the hell. What difference does it make? I’ll dial for both of us, …dialed 594: pleased acknowledgment of husband’s superior wisdom in all matters. On his own console he dialed for a creative and fresh attitude toward his job, although this he hardly needed; such was his habitual, innate approach without recourse to Penfield artificial brain stimulation.

…nao sei se haverá energia para o doutorado. creio fielmente que não; então vou postando a pesquisa-prévia [1999-2008]… talvez alguém possa utilizá-la em prol de algo, de vida, de sentido de viver e viver-se…

*que hoje se ncontram na chamada ‘idade universitária’ [the 20’s people]