In academic bursary, therefore i am, thinking: i purchase, Uncategorized on July 8, 2009 at 3:50 am

the lunch is not free anymore here at wordpress…

embeded [youtubed] your video is cheaper than uploaded [hosted] it, have you been figure out it?!
maybe because youtube – and another ones – is still “free”…

do you believe in “free lunch”?!!?

frame do video que nao foi possivel postar por aki pós-06demaiode2009, pois há uma cobrança de aprox. 60 dólares [US$60,]


Videos are a great way to enhance your blog posts. We use videos all the time on the blog and in our Support documentation. So can you.

The VideoPress upgrade allows you to host and play videos right from your blog.

VideoPress is per blog and is available for purchase from the Upgrades panel of your dashboard.

Note that videos are available only to those who have purchased a VideoPress (the new policy is active since May 6, 2009. All video blogs with active space upgrade before or on May 6, 2009 get 1-year free VideoPress subscription automatically).


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