In academic bursary on June 19, 2009 at 1:28 pm

The term “swarming” that has been used increasingly to refer to “systems in which autonomy, emergence and distributedness replace control, preprogramming an centralization” is swarming.

Text messaging has enabled, in the recent past, swarming actions, that have had very major social and cultural impacts. Howard Rheingold’s book, entitled Smart Mobs, explains and describes in much detail how text messaging has enabled groups of several thousands people to move and act rapidly by self-coordinating itself via SMS mobile phone messaging.

Though recently the term “swarming” has been mostly associated with military strategies, the same term can indeed come to refer to the ability of groups of people that can move and act in unison even when not in direct physical communication with each other.


[accessed: 19th June 2009]



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