In A Little About My Master Degree, therefore i am, thinking: i purchase on May 15, 2009 at 10:37 pm

pré-estréia gratuita em SP:

próxima segunda-feira, dia 18/ 5, às 19h30

April 29, 2009Award-winning Brazilian director Jose Padilha (Bus 174, Elite Squad) discusses his new film, Garapa. Garapa is the Portuguese name for the sugar water given to children to stave off their hunger cravings and often replaces more nourishing food or drink. Shot in the impoverished North East region of Brazil, this powerful and moving documentary chronicles the effects of hunger and malnutrition on three separate families. This year the film has been screened at the Berlinale and the …

padilhaemcannes2009José Padilha em foto de Jonh MacDougall/AFP11 Fev 2009 – 20h40min – Filmado em preto e branco, o documentário foi rodada no Ceará


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