A new one [?]

In thinking: i purchase on June 12, 2008 at 8:11 am

They are spreading like a virus, epidemy /(Med.) An epidemic disease. (source: online free dictionary) /, a disease…

Online Networking… Social?… What does it mean? I mean…, the social thing? For whom?, By whom?…

We’re living in a Post-Panoptic Era (Liquid Rethorics in the Mobile Network) or in a Neo-Panoptic Era (“It’s like a serpent’s egg. Through the thin membranes you can clearly discern the already perfect reptile.”)…

Both, what will be this ‘name’? ‘Networking Era’? ‘Virtual Networking Era’? or just ‘Netless.Working Era’ (“Anyone who makes the slightest effort can see what is waiting in there in the future.”)?

“Post-Panoptic” Era
“Neo-Panoptic” Era


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